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Job Challenge:
Adapt and Succeed

Aimed at young people aged 16 to 35 years old with obstacles towards employment, 'Viser Sa Réussite'  offers personalized follow-ups, workshops, psychosocial support and practical training courses.

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​It is a tailor-made program for young people who wish to enter the job market, but who currently experience certain obstacles towards employment.


With Viser Sa Réussite, participants have access to individual follow-ups of throughout their development, such as :

  • Job search assistance;

  • Group workshop on various topics;

  • Psychosocial monitoring;

  • Support in obtaining a diagnosis;

  • Employment internship;

  • Volunteer project;

  • Close follow-up in employment for 26 weeks.

Clientele eligible for this project must :

  • Be between 16 and 35 years old

  • Be living with an employment limitation:

  • Have a diagnosed or not with a: Physical, mental health or learning disability

  • Having difficulty integrating into the job market and maintaining employment

  • Not have severe restrictions or constraints towards employment

  • Have the legal right to work in Canada


The approach is dynamic and participatory. It allows the participant to, during an 8-week preparatory period, learn more about themselves as an individual and as an employee as well as to put their learning into practice during a volunteer project. The participant will then be able to enter the job market with sustained support in the workplace from their counselor.


For more information, contact us and make an appointment.

Pamela Brown
Project speaker Aiming for success
(514) 782-0433 ext. 233

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