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Teacher with Students


Career Exploration and Choice

Our employment assistance service located in the West Island will allow you to obtain information on the best existing strategies for an effective job search.

Technology Class

Guidance services are available to help you land and maintain a job or choose a educational program that interests you.

If you need help making a professional choice, here is what we offer:


  • Individual meetings with our guidance counselor to learn more about you;

  • Workshops and activities to learn more about the different professions, educational programs or a specific field;

  • Exercises that will help you determine what you find is important  (values), what you are good at (abilities) and what you like (interests);

  • Actions to validate your choice (ex. meeting industry professionals related to your field, visiting vocational schools, taking part in  internships, etc.);

Our guidance counselor will make sure to inform participants about their job prospects in order to make a realistic and feasible choice.

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