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Your Career Accelerator

Benefit from workshops over an 8-week period, a dynamic team environment, a full-time paid internship, followed by employment for a minimum of 16 weeks. Embark on an enriching experience to build your professional future.


Are you having difficulty integrating into the job market and finding long-term employment?

Our “Open your horizons” program aims to support young adults requiring more support in their employment integration process! This new initiative is intended to promote the acquisition of professional skills in a
team environment.

It includes ;

  • Many distinct workshops offered over an 8-week period

  • Development of professional skills

  • An environment within a dynamic team

  • Full-time paid internship

  • Full-time paid employment for a minimum duration of 16 weeks

Applicants must be;

  • Aged 16 to 30 years old

  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, official refugees or registered Indigenous Canadians.

To register or for more information, please contact:


Pamela Brown

514 782-0433 ext. 233

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