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College Friends


Expand Your Knowledge and Your Horizons

Our employment assistance service located in the West Island will allow you to obtain information on the best existing strategies for an effective job search.

Image by Brooke Cagle

We firmly believe that learning is a core value, and we're committed to providing you with quality educational resources to help you develop your skills and knowledge. Explore the different educational opportunities we offer and discover how you can enrich your educational journey with us.


Our education services :

School Perseverance : Services designed to help students overcome challenges, stay engaged and succeed academically while providing them with the tools and encouragement they need to thrive in their educational journey and beyond.

Workshops and activities : We also offer a number of workshops, training courses and activities focusing on job searching, entrepreneurship, personal finance and mentoring, among other projects. 


Drop-out prevention : We offer specialized support services to students who are at risk of dropping out or who have already abandoned their studies. Our personalized support ensures their success on the road to graduation.  

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